Fibre, Wireless & FTTN Plans

All NBN Plans have a base speed of 12mbps/1mbps. You can upgrade the base speed by purchasing a speed-pack. Multiple contracts are available for these plans, to compare the minimum cost of these plans on these contract terms please refer to our Minimum Cost Matrix.


Monthly Quota
Critical Information Summary

Home 1


Monthly Quota
50 GB
Critical Information Summary

Home 2


Monthly Quota
100 GB
Critical Information Summary

Home 3


Monthly Quota
250 GB
Critical Information Summary

Home 4


Monthly Quota
500 GB
Critical Information Summary

Home 5


Monthly Quota
1000 GB
Critical Information Summary
The NBN Plans are data only, to keep your existing voice number please let us know and we can migrate your land line to a VoIP service. Rates and fees associated with this can be found on our Voice page under VoIP.
No Contract12 Month24 Month
Setup Fee $129.00 FREE FREE
Early Termination Fee N/A $179.00 $179.00
Inclusions Cancel anytime Free Setup Free Setup + Free Wireless Router
  • After the download limit has been reached for your billing period, shaping will apply for the remainder of that billing period at a speed of 256/256kps. Unused quota is forfeited at the end of your billing period.
  • Payment is debited directly from a nominated bank account or credit card, all invoices are generated one month in advance.
  • A VoIP compatible router can be purchased for an additional fee.
  • Early Termination Fees are charged in full when the service is cancelled prior to the contract end date.
  • A $2.20 paper invoice fee will be charged each month if you choose to receive a paper bill.
  • We will ask you as part of the signup process if you would like a NBN compatible router. If you already have your own compatible router that you wish to use, or to purchase one from a retailer then there will be no hardware charges applied.
  • $15 postage and handling fee apples for modem/router delivery.
  • Contract Setup fees do not include land line connections (where a land line was not connected previously).
  • Uploads are counted towards the monthly quota.
  • Usage is calculated as 1GB = 1000MB.
  • Upgrading plans can be done for free and will apply from the day of the upgrade, plan downgrades have a once-off change fee of $22.00 and will come into effect on your next billing period.

Usage Estimates

This page will assist you working out your data allowance for our data plans, on average 1 Gigabyte of data will allow you to perform the following actions per month;

  • Surf 20 hours worth of the internet
  • Receive 1000 emails
  • Download 20x four minute songs or other audio media
  • Watch 5x four minute YouTube clips
  • Download 40 photos

This is a rough guide only as some factors can change these estimates (i.e. High Definition YouTube clips compared to Low Definition clips). You can check your usage online via our Customer Access Toolkit by clicking here. Should you have any queries regarding your usage please contact us.